Logo for Kohn Architects
Handmade and raw ceramics/pottery
Logo for a high end fashion house
Poly - a social photo sharing app for travelers
Specialty coffee shop in Mexico City
Mexican-themed food truck
A new high end hotel pub logo
LOUISE WALSH interior design & decoration
Create a logo for an online, commercial art gallery which connects art to action
Vintage/Retro Logo Design for Scuba Company
Logo for "Halo", a secure communication company


We are an architect and a translator turned graphic designer and copywriter.

By combining the language of art and the art of language, we provide comprehensive, unique and memorable brand identities for our clients.
If you like our designs, or opt to do a 1-to-1 project with us, we can also discuss brand name options, positioning slogans and branding strategies with you, in order to help you improve your business.

Trails – We follow your lead.

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"I'm very pleased with their work and really amazed with their talents. They made my company look so legitimate with an elegant design, Im so happy I found them :) "
Unbekannter Kunde vor 7 Monate bewertet
"They always go above and beyond - highly recommend them!!"
Unbekannter Kunde vor 10 Monate bewertet
"Excellent as always!!!!"
ProfilbildHeidiWC vor 12 Monate bewertet
"Awesome work! They are super friendly and put thought and effort behind each design."
Unbekannter Kunde vor mehr als ein Jahr bewertet
"Fantastic work and creativity"
Unbekannter Kunde vor mehr als ein Jahr bewertet
"Awesome work + always so accommodating and on time. "
Unbekannter Kunde vor mehr als ein Jahr bewertet
"Awesome designers that are always on time. "
Unbekannter Kunde vor fast 2 Jahre bewertet
"Always provides the BEST work and communication."
Unbekannter Kunde vor etwa 2 Jahre bewertet
"Great Designers!"
Unbekannter Kunde vor etwa 4 Jahre bewertet
"Great attentive work!"
Unbekannter Kunde vor mehr als 4 Jahre bewertet
"Great idea and very helpful with revisions and questions. Highly recommended!"
Unbekannter Kunde vor fast 5 Jahre bewertet
"helpful, good taste"
Unbekannter Kunde vor etwa 5 Jahre bewertet
"It was an absolute delight working with Trails, they were able to create a very unique and memorable logo and im so excited to work with them on a one on one bases to create a branding story that complements the amazing logo they have already designed! ..."
ProfilbildJessicadmmiranda vor mehr als 5 Jahre bewertet
"very efficient and quick respond"
Unbekannter Kunde vor mehr als 5 Jahre bewertet
"3 jobs and 3 outstanding products!"
Profilbildgaineslr vor fast 6 Jahre bewertet
"Very swift feedback. Very able and efficiënt designers. Fun to work with. Quick to understand where you want to go and what you want to communicate with the logo"
Profilbildinfo tLC vor mehr als 6 Jahre bewertet
"Jelena and Xena were new to 99Designs when we worked with them. They submitted late in our contest... and absolutely blew us away. Aside from experimenting with different color schemes (which they did quickly and to great effect), we didn't have to chan..."
Profilbildanthony CQ vor etwa 7 Jahre bewertet