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Hi, I'm CG artist from Kyiv. For all my experience I've worked in the printing industry (1year), as a web designer (2year) and in the last 5 years as a 2D artist and Illustrator. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Mitglied seit: 27. September 2011


"Sergey is without a doubt one of the most talented concept artists and illustrators I've ever known or worked with. He's responsive, talented, an excellent craftsman — but most of all, he's **creative.** He can really take your vision, your instructions..."
Profilbildl__Yvan Drearn__l
"Still gives a great effort without letting any illness slow him down :D"
ProfilbildBrian Herren
"Sergey design abilities are truly impressive. He attends to every detail, no matter how complicated may be. Looking at his work makes it easy to see why he is so talented. I will work with him in more projects because he's a world-star artist."
"Really creative when you give him a general idea of what you expect."
ProfilbildBrian Herren
"Finished a massively important job for me, If you need any artwork this guy is absolutely the man to do it!"
ProfilbildBrian Herren
"Timely work, completes as needed"
ProfilbildBrian Herren
"Works hard to make sure projects are done in time"
ProfilbildBrian Herren
"words of encouragement"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Great designs, great effort!"
ProfilbildBrian Herren
"Handles critique well and always works to improve his works for the client!"
ProfilbildBrian Herren
"Fantastic interpretations and creative thinking when designing new concepts!"
ProfilbildBrian Herren
"Fast and proper work, follows rules to the T"
ProfilbildBrian Herren
"excellent commitment to work hard"
Unbekannter Kunde
"great worker and very creative."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Fantastic effort, goes the extra mile with his work ^^"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Fantastic artist to work with!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"artist delivered work as promised in a quick and efficient manner"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Absolutely spectacular work. I'm delighted to have found Sergey — he's incredibly talented and a consummate pro. I can't wait to hire him again. "
Profilbildl__Yvan Drearn__l
"Top marks. Zero complaints. We're a fan of Sergey and his work."
"Hey Sergey, You did really great job, i like the way you have give me concept. your concept was really unique. Thanks. Anand Kumar "
Profilbildsales 1B
"Superb artwork by Sergei, good communication and tremendous talent."
"Awesome work, did an in-depth illustration with exactly what I needed, and made it look awesome. Quick, detailed, and highly professional. Would recommend."
"Sergey did a wonderful job. His design was unique, beautiful, and fit my book very well. He was responsive and accommodating when I requested changes, and I would love to work with him again."
"Very professional and creative work, corresponding exactly to what we were looking for. Go the extra mile, with a great attention to details."
"It was great working with Sergey. I will definitely work with him again on future projects in this style. He was prompt and professional throughout the entire process."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Everything was very smooth. Great communication, and a great design that I'm very happy with! "
Unbekannter Kunde
"Thanks brother. As always. Your work is amazing!"
"Sergey was awesome. He's a great illustrator. He put a ton of effort into the design and created something incredible. "
"A very talented designer, easy to work with and provides amazing work."
"Sergey was great to work with. Detail oriented and awesome design skills."
"As always Sergey did a fantastic job!"
"Excellent job by Sergey who is a meticulous artist, and will provide you with a quality design. "
"Amazing work! I love working with this artist."
"Sergey got a skilled and accurate pen, excels in being a master of perspective and is gifted with an inborn eye for color and details - he's willing to envision what the client wants him to do and fully capable to deliver it: in time, patient and friend..."
Profilbildoffice Lc
"just about the fastest designer i've ever met"
"excellent work!"
"Sergey is an amazing illustrator for any create idea you desire. I highly recommend working with him. "
Unbekannter Kunde
"Great designer! Really goes beyond what is expected to deliver work that is exceptional."
"From start to finish, Sergey seemed to have the best idea of what I was looking for in a design. He offered up different ideas on how the design might look and went above and beyond to show me how those designs would look. I highly recommend Sergey! He ..."