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For over 30 years as a graphic designer I have enjoyed helping businesses of all sizes with their branding. Thank you for this opportunity.

Mitglied seit: 13. Juni 2008
Medium Level




"It was a pleasure working with Luckykid. He was a good listener with quality work and was quick to make any changes or answer our questions. We look forward to working with him again."
Unbekannter Kunde vor 11 Monate bewertet
"Very solid all-around designer. "
Profilbilde.grove vor etwa ein Jahr bewertet
"His respond time was extremely fast. Very thorough. Gave me exactly what I asked for. Very solid designer all around."
Profilbilde.grove vor etwa ein Jahr bewertet
"LuckyKid really understood our brief and the vibe we were going for. And he had endless patience making adjustments until we got what we wanted."
Profilbildcp2 vor mehr als ein Jahr bewertet
"A really intelligent and thoughtful design!"
Unbekannter Kunde vor mehr als 2 Jahre bewertet
"Kent is great to work with. Would recommend."
Profilbildrich.martell vor fast 3 Jahre bewertet
"Super flexible and very talented designer. He could not have been more responsive or patient! We feel so fortunate to have found Luckykid for this work and we're extremely satisfied. "
ProfilbildMuser vor etwa 3 Jahre bewertet