The Warm Belly
Logo for a  holiday lettings company
basketball player sloth cartoon
Mad Seal Tees
Georgia Storm mascot
Dad Knows Money
Rocker clothes for babies. Hard Rock Hand brand
Chipper Parrots
Fresh Batch
Logo for Escape Uranus

Über uns

Hi! My name is Konstantin. I am a full time freelance Illustrator and have over 15 years in digital art. I love making cool logotypes and illustrations and my skills will help your businness.

Mitglied seit: 3. August 2016


"10/10 as always!"
Profilbildlydiac vor ein Tag bewertet
"Thanx a lot=)"
ProfilbildKONSTABR vor ein Tag reagiert
"I thought this designer was top notch"
ProfilbilddarcmoS vor 3 Monate bewertet
"Thank you!;)"
ProfilbildKONSTABR vor 3 Monate reagiert
"super fast and amazing artwork, what else would you need?"
Profilbildlydiac vor 4 Monate bewertet
"Thank you! Happy to work with you again=)"
ProfilbildKONSTABR vor 4 Monate reagiert
"Great job and a pleasure to work with."
Profilbildlydiac vor 6 Monate bewertet
"Thank you! Happy to work with you again:)"
ProfilbildKONSTABR vor 6 Monate reagiert
"Another 1:1. Another great outcome."
Unbekannter Kunde vor 10 Monate bewertet
"Thank you! I'm ready for the new project!"
ProfilbildKONSTABR vor 10 Monate reagiert