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"Great work as usual. Will be using E-T again for future design work."
"E-T did an awesome job on my design. We’ll collaborate on another design project soon."
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"Designer did a fantastic job on this project. Concept process was painless, the revisions process was incredibly smooth and final projects were exactly what we were looking for. Communication with the designer was very good. Would highly recommend."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Great experience. Great skills and quick service!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Excellent work. Thanks for the speediness and thoroughness. Super high quality work. "
Unbekannter Kunde
"Great designer. Look forward to working with E-T again in the future! Thank you!!!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Excellent Designer. Pleased with the thoroughness and commitment to a polished finished product. Hope to work with E-T again in the future. THANK YOU!"
"Good work and easy communication."
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"Great designer. Fast. Thorough. Detailed. Eager to make the client 100% happy with the finished project. THANK YOU!"
"Evgeny is a highly professional and thorough designer, he presented us with just a few designs to start and we had a hard time choosing just one. Once we chose a direction with one of the designs, he worked quickly and patiently with us to keep making t..."
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"Great and fast work, easy to communicate with."
"Knocked it out of the park!"
"E-T always goes above and beyond with my requests! Bravo!"
"Beautiful and brilliant logo design. "
"Another phenomenal outcome, thank you."
"Amazing talent - strong illustration and typography skills, creative, flexible, incredibly patient, and timely. Couldn't have asked for a better experience, especially in the time crunch I was under. I have already re-hired E-T for my second project."
"Great design! Hit it out of the park on the first shot. "
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"Excellent quality and quick to respond!"
"The Felon is a very talented artist and created an awesome design to my company, just the way i has imagined! Thanks for share your creativity with us!"
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