Packaging design for Starter Kit
Logo Design of a energy company
Packaging for Sweet potatoes
Logo design for a bottle opener
wine bottle visualisation
Brand Design for a law firm
Label Design for a Sausage Packaging
Logo design
Logo Concept for a wine bar in westhaven
Packaging Concept for a perfume
Logo Concept for an indian restaurant
Logo and business card design


I am a design professional based in germany.
In my design studio, I am creating clean and catchy designs which are fitting the current tech standards.

My drafts are distinctive designs, individually created to make your brand remarkable and successful.

A great design concept needs to tell a story about your product or company to your customer. Try to avoid generic and overused design concepts to make your design investment a success.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact me.

Land: Deutschland. Mitglied seit: 14. Mai 2009
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"Excellent!!! Patient. A Master at design that correlates with life."
ProfilbildKathleen Blackwell vor fast 3 Jahre bewertet
"Amazing, quality, creative, and talented designer to include thought (functional) to ideas (artistic). Highly recommend!"
ProfilbildKathleen Blackwell vor etwa 3 Jahre bewertet
"Very well versed in design elements from top to bottom; including 3D renderings. Smooth, thoughtful, helpful with design direction, excellent designer!"
ProfilbildKathleen Blackwell vor mehr als 3 Jahre bewertet
"Fabulous designer! Extremely intelligent, intuitive, creative, and patient. 3D renderings, sketching, conceptualization, and excellent communication skills."
Unbekannter Kunde vor mehr als 4 Jahre bewertet
"Loved working with this amazing designer, he went above and beyond. Very thrilled about the package, thank you very much!"
Unbekannter Kunde vor etwa 5 Jahre bewertet