label  illustration for weed fertilizer
make bike shirt for event
sea bass medi logo
logo to target parents to buy fish for their kids
 Illustrate a "Where's Waldo-style" mural of Denver, CO with iconic city elements
mascot manfred gorilla
booth 10x20 in 24 hours
winterworld games
sport avatar
kirin mytical mascot concept
beach bugs mascot
children's chapter book illustration


I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Indonesia. I have worked for many creative agencies and advertising companies as creative director and freelance designer, providing branding and visual communication services, but also as an illustrator for creative concept of games and character branding . I have experience in designing mascot, graphic design, 3D design for booth or commercial project, book covers, comic illustration, Games/Apps UI , etc. Available for 1:1 projects.

Mitglied seit: 28. Dezember 2011


"Great job! Fast turnaround. "
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"Great work, very happy with final design"
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"We have worked with Harwi in the past allready. He illustrates very fast and in a very good quality. Always a pleasure to see what he can create out of our ideas. "
"Really talented artist."
"Harwi did a good job as always. He works fast and is able to illustrate your ideas in a perfect way. Sometimes we have some misunderstandings, but that is only because english isn't his native language, so we got some things mixed up. But thats OK, and ..."
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"Harwi did an excellent job for this illustration and animation. He works fast, responds quick and implements suggestions very well. Always a pleasure, until the next project :)"
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"Excellent work - very responsive and we love the final product"
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"Thanks, again - another great one!"
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"Amazing, better every time!"
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"More amazing work - thanks!"
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"Good Job: excellent communication and designs."
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"Great and complete work for a complex game design. Fast and accurate adaptation."
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