Liberators of Death
Predator Strike
Dangerous Liaison
Resolute Action
Freedom Earned
Goat Girl
The Book of the Beast
Unwanted & Rejected
Universal Code
Acrabha Stone
Acrabha Stone in Weak and Mighty
Acrabha Stone in Wisdom and Folly


"I got a really good help with my project. I am very happy with the results. "
"Evocative was very helpful and quick to respond! "
Unbekannter Kunde
"Great job as always!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Evocative has been great to work with! So excited to bring this book to life with the cover designed! "
"Excellent design! Love working with you!!!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"This design was the winner out of over 100 designs I received. I've been thrilled with the responsiveness, understanding of what I wanted in the design and flexibility of Evocative. I highly recommend him!! "
ProfilbildThe Taminator
"The designed started out with a movie poster feel to it, then progressed way past my expectations. I could be more excited about the final design. Very professional design and very professional designer. I will definitely be connecting again of future p..."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Great to work with Evocative!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Love the work from Evocative! Can see myself reaching out for more work on future projects! Thanks!"
ProfilbildAJ McMullen
"Evocative did a brilliant job in capturing my vision for the main character's life journey. "
Unbekannter Kunde
"What an amazing designer! Thank you for creating such a powerful cover for me, it's beautiful! "
"Great design. Very pleased."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Evocative did a wonderful job on my book cover and put up with my many requests. I will use again in the future."
"Evocative did a very good job at capturing what I wanted, but also changed it up by altering it to different versions I didn't know I wanted. Very happy with the design."
"Excellent design. Creative, dramatic. Received many compliments during my poll. I would invite this designer to my next project. A pleasure to work with."
"Great designer with fantastic communication :) looking forward to working with them again!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Superior designer! Highly recommended!!!"
"I liked his approach for the subtitle, it was an immediate positive response and his ability to make adjustments quickly"
"What a great process this was. I was blown away at how awesome the designs were and now I get to award the trophy to my designer. Very grateful for this engagement."
"The comunication was perfect and was a pleasure to work with Evocative!"
"Wonderful designer!!!!!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Evocative was brilliant at being able to grasp the minutae of my design criteria. All hail Evocative!"
"Evocative is a fabulous designer who worked with me to get a wonderful book cover for my novel Puzzle Me Dead. Very helpful with changes and quick to respond to questions and adjustments. I would highly recommend. "
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Evocative. His design was very creative and fully captured the concept of my book. He was also very responsive and provided insightful and timely changes and edits. I am completely satisfied with the finished product!"
"Evocative's skills were able to help bring about my vision for my book covers. I would throw out an idea and would get a rough of what it would look like. Sometimes the idea worked, sometimes not, but I was glad to know Evocative was willing to help me ..."
ProfilbildJ. Elias Epp
"Loved my design and his quick responses to an urgent design issue. "
Unbekannter Kunde
"This designer worked well with me and got the book cover that I had envisioned."
Unbekannter Kunde
"This is a winning Best Seller cover. Excited about the process and the work done by Evocative. We had 54 covers and this is the one!!! Thank You"
ProfilbildSid McNairy
"Evocative did a great job with this design - well imagined, and good use of color that works well with the image. Also the text stands out enough to add some pop without overwhelming the image. "
"Great experience again working with this designer. Intuitively knew what I was looking for, so we arrived at the final product very quickly. I was happy with a month to do the work, and we finished in a week or so. Outstanding in every way. Would not he..."
"It was great to work with this designer. Very attentive to all suggestions and even offered great ones to us."
"I'm so pleased with the design! The designer was easy to work with, communicative with quick, clear responses and made any refinements I needed to the design to make sure it was exactly what I was looking for."
"Wonderful designer! I'm so happy with the book cover that Evocative" created. Not only is it gorgeous, but it looks better than I could have hoped for. On the more practical side, it sells the product, conveys the genre and its tone all in one. Evoca..."
Unbekannter Kunde
"The designer captured the essence of my book, was thoughtful in choosing the right background based on my competition requirements. Great job!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Gave me what I asked for and more. "
Unbekannter Kunde
"Amazing designer! Very patient when the project took a little longer. Absolutely thrilled with his work and will definitely use him again."
"Designer was great... very responsive and helpful, thank you!"
"Excellent work -- imaginative design, cooperative designer, an overall wonderful experience!"
"Love their work!"
"I love that the designer, Evocative saw our vision of the book cover and simplified it. We requested a small change to his original draft and he quickly made the change. I showed a few people the second draft cover and they all said they would read the ..."
"Great job! She was insightful, creative, understood my directions, quick to turn around requests, a real delight to work with"
"Great experience! I'm very happy with my wonderful new cover. Even when there were a lot of changes in the creation process, "my" designer was always patient and helfpul. I will come again."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Great work, thank you!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"The designer came up with the perfect front cover design and I loved it right away! He really understood the message I wanted to communicate and followed the guidelines. Getting the back cover done took a little longer, but he got the job done."
"Great work. Follows instructions. Very timely"
Unbekannter Kunde
"love the design and designer is really receptive to input"
"A+ designer! Evocative is very professional and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend! "
ProfilbildCaliche's Frozen Custard
"The designer really read and understood the brief and came up with better ideas than I had myself."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Evocative was very responsive to our requests and artistically and technically capable. Provided a cover that matched our design requests. We would consider using Evocative for future projects."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Very satisfied with this designer... quick responses, great application of what I ask for and stunning, dramatic cover design. Brilliant. Will be wanting to work with this designer again."
"Good work. Responds well to feedback and is very thorough."
ProfilbildDino California
"Evocative is the truth. I had a challenging request for a fantasy book cover design with a stone that radiated darkness. Evocative not only delivered, but brought out the potential aesthetic of my idea."
ProfilbildJ. Elias Epp
"good work outstanding job"
"Great designer. Very thorough & detailed."
Unbekannter Kunde
Unbekannter Kunde
"great work outstanding job"
Unbekannter Kunde
"I loved the creativity! Evocative was also very responsive to my requests for changes."
"Excellent! Very patient with my continued changes, would definitely work with again. "
"Great work, flexible and prompt! Thank you!"
"Unbelievable and timelt designs. Great to work with."
"The best! A great designer! "
"outstanding job i will work again with him"
Unbekannter Kunde
"One of the best cover designers I've seen. Very easy to work with. I'm very happy with my cover."
"Awesome talent!!!1 Will hire again"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Great work! Hopefully we can continue to work together "
ProfilbildJoe Forza
"I loved the entire process!!"
"Wonderful Designer! I love the creativity and responsiveness is amazing. Will work with again for sure. "
"Great work, and very attentive to my requests. Would recommend."
"Wonderful! Fast changes and very good designs, listened to exactly what I wanted."
"Great idea, thank you!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Great creativity, followed the brief and communicated quickly to make changes. Thank you!"
"Easy to work with, patient with requests"
"This designer went above and beyond every step of the way to make sure our files were perfect. Highly recommended!!!"
Profilbildgreg CN
"outstanding job i hope we can work together again"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Kept me up to date the entire time, and was happy to do changes."
"Evocative grasped the idea of what I wanted quickly, and with a few "back and forths" came up with just what i'd hoped for. Very easy to work with."
"Wonderful to work with, fast turn around, professional, and hit the nail on the head when it came to the design I wanted!"
"FANTASTIC work! "
ProfilbildDino California
"Easy to work with, understood the brief well. "
"He did a great job taking our theme and making it original"
"Designer was creative, very flexible and responsive. Our client is pleased with the design he has completed for them. Thank you for helping us meet our client’s needs. "
ProfilbildKingpin Apps
"Loved the creativity and colors offered right from the beginning. Evocative had obviously read my brief. Evocative was responsive to my suggestions and never took more than a day to offer a new design, or even more than one. The only thing to improve is..."
"Very easy to work with. Already a great designer with a lot of potential. I wish them success on 99designs."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Clean, thoughtful design, very responsive!"
"The designer did a great job thinking outside of the box and coming up with a fresh design."
Unbekannter Kunde
"We loved the design from the beginning, it captured the brief perfectly. Evocative was very patient and quick to respond as I made numerous requests for slight variations, eventually settling for the original! It was a pleasure working with this desig..."
Unbekannter Kunde
"It has everything I expected to be my logo."
"Great & Easy to work with! Very professional!"
"Evocative was prompt and polite. Also, Evocative worked with me to design exactly what I had in mind even though I couldn't even describe it very well. Thanks! "
Unbekannter Kunde
"The attention to detail was fantastic. Evocative’s design was more then I asked for and every addition to the design was perfect! I could not be happier and look forward to working together again. "
"Fast. Reliable. "
Profilbildwes Vf
"Great work. Responded well to my requests. Highly recommend! "
"Im very happy with everything"
"Communicated well and regularly, was very easy to work with, made all of the adjustments I requested, and created a design for my book cover that is just what I imagined. I highly recommend Evocative."
"Really satisfying experience working with this designer. Extremely responsive to my requests and fast updates. Very happy with the final images and design. Five stars or more!"
"Good design. Difficulty with following direction and making the correct modifications requested. "
Unbekannter Kunde
"Evocative is excellent, fast, and thorough. I'm grateful for his terrific work! "
ProfilbildVikki S.
"Great work. Quick turnaround time."
Unbekannter Kunde
"Evocative" responded promptly to all of my requests and delivered a stunning design that exceeded my expectations. Thank you!"
ProfilbildMagic Books
"Fast and great. "
Profilbildwes Vf
"Took initiative and went the extra mile! Great work!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Excellent work. Very responsive. "
Profilbildwes Vf
"Two projects with Evocative, now. Excellent work, great communication, and timely service, always. "
ProfilbildVikki S.
"Fantastic work! Thank you so much!"
ProfilbildHeli Co.
"Evocative's concept for the winning design showed a deeper understanding of what I was trying to convey. Using clean, clear font (as I requested), and blending adventure, with courage, this design slayed my friends as I asked for input. The responsivene..."
ProfilbildVikki S.
"The design is perfect. Thank you Evocative and thank you 99design! Bee sure to check us out on FaceBook at NoBeeLeftBehind or Instagram @NoBeeLeftBehind!"
"Thank you for all of your amazing work! Evocative was a bad ass, patient, and did really sophisticated and professional work. I hope Evocative works with me again :)"
"Great design and designer"
"The design was one of the first to come in and caught my eye immediately. It is original and evokes the sense of freedom I wanted. The balance is good and the font and colours perfect for an eBook. I required almost no changes and those I asked for were..."
"Great work. He revised what I need and gave me exactly what I wanted and even more!"
"Great service; very responsive and very quick responding to my requests for suggested changes or trial alterations. Very satisfied! "
"Lovely to work with. And a very powerful book cover"
"Great work. Good follow through."
"Thank you so much for your design!"
Unbekannter Kunde
"We had a great collaboration! "
"Excellent communication and very professional."
"Great response time and ability to make changes as requested"
Unbekannter Kunde
"Love the design!"
"Love the Design and the Designers effort with this poject. "
Unbekannter Kunde
"Understood the brief, very responsive"
"Knocked out of the park! We are really happy with our design! :) "
ProfilbildCaliche's Frozen Custard
"He gave us just what we asked for. It was the best of many fine designs. Evocative was easy to work with; we would be happy to work with him again. A very talented artist/designer."
"They did great and made all the necessary changes in a timely matter!! I highly recommend."
"Nice design, thanks."