empanada box
box for refrigerate product
label concept
box design
label design
car wrap design
label design
logo design
Flyer and Banners for Dance Festival
Award winning NightLife poster
Front cover for Hollywood film cue library


"Great! Amazing Design."
"Mr cosmin contact me through Facebook I don’t know how he searched me. After 4-5 days of the project, he started asking me for money. He every time calls me and said I have made many starting designs for you. Come and have a look at what I got for but h..."
"cos66 really did a great job with our design and we look forward to working with him on future designs."
"Dear Cos66. Thank you for a nice winning design, and Happy New Year!!! KInd regards Sven Hauge"
"The design Cos66 provided was second to none and his excellent communication made the revision process extremely easy. We could not be happier with the packaging design we received, and I would recommend cos66 to anyone."
"Cosmin is very professional, puts tremendous detail into his work, and more importantly, genuinly cares about each project he undertakes. We are very happy with his services! HIGHLY RECOMMANDED "
"cos66 is a terrific designer. He is a pleasure to deal with. He understands requirements very well. He understands design terminology and has a keen eye. I would use him again in a flash!"
"Very creative and good listener! Highly recommended! Thank you!"