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Still trying to take over the world, starting from setting up a new state, controlled the economy, relegating the stock market, spread the doctrine of freedom on the basis of Rock n Roll, then colonize the other great countries, making them mine, and get ready to conquer the world ... Hahahahahaha ... #evil laugh

Now back to my desk where my laptop and coffee's at..

Mitglied seit: 14. Mai 2009




"10/10 Project, will be back soon!"
Profilbildyallsweettea vor etwa 2 Monate bewertet
"Merci mon projet été super et le design excellent "
Unbekannter Kunde vor etwa 2 Monate bewertet
"Great work! My design is original and my company is going to love it"
Unbekannter Kunde vor 4 Monate bewertet
"We had our backs to the wall with time on this project. We were able to work together and knock out 8 designs very quickly!"
Profilbildyallsweettea vor 4 Monate bewertet
"2ndfloorharry was amazing! I had a unique concept that I wanted to create and he nailed it. He understood what I was trying to achieve and asked great questions for clarification. I absolutely love the design he created. On top of that he was profes..."
Profilbildgeorge5 vor 7 Monate bewertet