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Hello! I am a freelance designer with a great passion for design.

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"GARDOUM is the man! And a very patient x detail-oriented man... working through these final updates required for legal compliance. :) "
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"Speed x Attention to Detail x Precision x Style x Professionalism"
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"Almost done my friend. Hoping to have all final change requests back today!!! "
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"Great!!! But we're not done yet! :) Gotta love the legal compliance process"
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"GARDOUM has the creative discernment and attention to details that I was hoping for when we chose his original design as our competition winner. Lot's more work to do with him... :) "
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"Gardoum is the MAN! "
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"GARDOUM - Fantastic work and speed. "
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"Gardoum is an incredible designer. Very attentive, considerate and easy to work with. We are very satisfied and highly recommend him."
"Great designer! Pays attention to detail and feedback while implementing great designs. Will be inviting for other projects in the future. "
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"Satisfied with the work. Good understanding of information and guidelines. Beautiful creativity.."
"Product label design came out perfect! "
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"My company was looking for a vibrant and attractive label for our New supplement and Gardoum was absolutely fantastic! His design was amazing to begin with but most importantly he never hesitated to provide us exactly what revisions we requested until ..."
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