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QuestionPress is an online audience/classroom response tool.

I am a public school teacher of 18 years and a moonlighting web programmer. I'm big into solving problems with available tools, so I started solving some of my classroom problems with web-programming.

I have created several dynamic sites using Ruby, my premier site being QuickieQ.com, which is a web-based classroom and audience response system. What sets QuickieQ apart from most other online testing sites is that you can create questions live and they will pop up on the responders screens (laptops, desktops, iPod Touch, iPad, Smartphones - any web capable device). It's realtime question and answer.

I am attracting hundreds of users from around the world and am working hard to get that business to grow. But to get that to grow I need to rebrand it, which is what I am doing here - changing the name from QuickieQ to QuestionPress and redesigning the site. And as you can see, QuickieQ.com could use some professional help..

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

The primary target audience for QuestionPress is school teachers. Teachers are the ones who are asking questions on a daily basis. The way to reach teachers is, in part, through the technology coordinators and technology leaders in the schools.

The secondary target is professional presenters - people who travel about presenting at conferences and/or trainings. I have yet to reach this market, and it is a much smaller market than the teachers. But this is one reason I am rebranding from QuickieQ to QuestionPress. I think QuestionPress sounds a little more sophisticated. This might also help me reach the university market.

Teachers and presenters are the ones paying for QuestionPress, but the students will be using it and their opinion counts "Hey, this is cool!". If is not cool they won't want to use it. Most of the student interface will be built with jQUery mobile, which is cool in of itself.


QuestionPress is divided into two parts - the interface for the teacher and the interface for the student.

The teacher interface is what needs to be worked here. It contains alot of data and must be easy to read, easy to navigate, and fast loading.

I am building the student interface myself with jquery mobile.

Here are some general guidelines...

1) Simple. Teachers do not have time to navigate complex sites. This needs to be clean and simple.
2) It should have elements of "fun". Do not make it too "classy"
3) White background for the most part. This site has alot of data/information on it, so it needs to be easy to read.
4) Color scheme must be visible over a projection unit - so there will need to be some contrast.
5) I have an existing logo. I will upload the psd and the color can be changed if necessary. Feel free to experiment with the color schemes if you'd like.
6) The site is data driven and most of the pages will look alike and contain the same elements.
7) Please focus on are the header, the navigation bar, and a matching container for various content items.
8) Teachers will be controlling this on laptops, netbooks, and desktops. I will build a separate mobile interface for the teachers. Some netbook screen are pretty small.
9) Keep things tight - Header and nav bar should be slim so teachers can see the data towards the bottom with much scrolling down

Anzahl der Seiten


Beschreibung der Seitentypen

The page you are designing is NOT the front page. You are working on the main teacher interface.

I have uploaded images of this page and defined the regions for you

This page contains...

1) Header with logo, user name, logout, and area for messages from me
2) Navigation bar
3) Session Control Area - thin area at top that details the session information and session commands in the form of a pulldown menu
4) New Question Prompt - pull down menu that allows the user to create a new question. The actual question creation is done in a jquery popup window.
5) Question Stack - this shows all of the current questions and included options
6) Responder View - this shows the user what the students are seeing and it has other useful information in it. It is formatted to resemble the actual responder interface.
7) Response Control Area - Information and pulldown to control the view of the student data
8) Student Data - this is a table of student data that can get very large both vertically and horizontally. There is an option that allows the user to view this information with or without horizontal and vertical scrolling
9) Footer

Bestehende Website

The existing web site is http://www.quickieq.com.

On this site you can set up a free trial account that will give you full access to the program and all of its content.

Once in QuickieQ you will see that the site does NOT contain many pages. And most of them are data driven, so not much in the way of formatting. Once I have a good theme on the one page it will be easy to replicate.


None. Be creative.

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