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PUA University


We are a serious PUA (=Pick Up Artist) company from Germany. We offer professional, high-level information workshops and 1on1 coachings for men who want to get better at meeting and dating beautiful women. The concept is very similar to the VH1 show „The Pick Up Artist“, where a group of „nerds“ gets coaching by pick up artist Mystery to improve their flirting skills with women.

Our special twist on that idea is, that we provide a more holistic and grown up version of pick up, for the more serious German customer. Instead of just teaching men a bag of flashy „tricks“, we help them to create a more attractive lifestyle, e.g. through social activities, sport, styling tips and so on. We believe in order to get better with women, you have to look at yourself and your social skills critically and systematically work on your weak spots in all areas of life.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

Our taregt audience are men between 25-40, often times with a background in computer science or sciences, i.e. the typical „nerd“. These men are often very successful and experienced in their chosen field, but lack the same success and experience with women (yet).

Within this group, there are usually 2 subtypes: One that wants to have fun and date a lot of different women, basically an aspiring player. The other that is looking for „The One“ to settle down with, the more conservative family type. For us, it is very important being able to appeal to both of these types, without alienating one in favour over the other.


1 homepage

Overall Style:
We are looking for an outstanding yet classy and reliable design. Kinda as with dating, this website must „dress to impress“. Therefore, it is very important to us that the design doesn't appear „dirty“ or sleazy or cheap. Too often, PUA companies just put up a Joomla template with a bunch of half naked chicks on it. This is NOT what we want. We need a very professional, modern and clean look, as our successful clients don't want to feel bad or sleazy about themselves while seeking out help with their dating lives. The design can be very creative, to make a lasting impression on the visitor, as long as it doesn't compromise on usability.
One idea we had is to visually go with the university theme of the company name. But if you have any other ideas or visions, we are just as keen on seeing them.

We ask you to only use standard web fonts.

We will require a layered .psd file as for the final product.

Anzahl der Seiten


Beschreibung der Seitentypen

The homepage must make it very clear right away what our service is all about; this could be done through a well designed header with a short description text.

For the following, please use the German terms in parentheses and quotation marks for the different sections of the homepage.

The homepage must contain a top link bar / menu to our content pages:
- Our Method (="Unsere Methode")
- Our Instructors (="Die Coaches")
- Our Products (="Workshops"); (sub menu: Weekend Workshops="Wochenend Workshops"; 1on1 Coachings="Einzeltraining"; Residential Training="Intensiv Kurs")
- Success Stories (="Erfolgsgeschichten")
- Contact (="Kontakt")

There should also be a reference to our blog (="Besuch unseren Blog"), like a sticker in the upper right corner of the homepage, that stands out from the rest of the links in the top link bar (s. the first example website „Ectomachine“ below).

The homepage must contain a search box (="Suche").

The homepage must contain a sign up field for an e-mail newsletter (="Abonniere unseren Newsletter!").

The homepage must contain little text / image boxes, positioned under the header, with references to the most importat content pages:
A) Our product pages (="Unsere Workshops"):
- Our weekend workshops (="Wochenend Workshops")
- Our 1on1 coachings (="Einzeltraining")
- Our residential training (="Intensiv Kurs") (where you live with the instructors in Munich, Germany for a week or longer)
B) Our company profile pages (="Erfahre mehr über uns"):
- Our method (="Unsere Methode")
- Our instructors (="Die Coaches")
- Success stories of our students (="Erfolgsgeschichten")

Please note:
We will be using the homepage design as the template for the rest of the pages, so there needs to be a clear content section where we can add detailed product information for the content pages.

The homepage must contain a bottom link bar with links to:
- Web 2.0 buttons for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and RSS (="Folge uns im Netz")
- Impressum (="Impressum")
- Sitemap (="Sitemap")

Bestehende Website

We don't have an existing website yet.


http://www.ectomachine.com/ (nice color scheme, cool graphics, clear structure)
http://www.nicolafioretti.it/ (very basic but classy layout, nice color scheme)
http://www.altimea.com/ (somewhat experimental, but I like it)
http://www.zendesk.com/ (very clean layout, good structure; maybe a little bit too bright though)

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