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Venture Firm Needs Unique Rally-Car Inspired T-Shirt

Thomvest brauchte ein neues T-Shirt Design und hat einen Wettbewerb auf 99designs gestartet.

Aus 58 Designs von 15 Designern wurde eine Gewinner gewählt.


Wie Thomvest das erste t-shirt Abenteuer antrat


Thomvest Ventures


This is our third crowd sourcing design, and we have been very happy with the results. Check out our newly launched website http://www.thomvest.com to get a feel for how we look (came from 99designs!).

We are back again for a project that is very dear to our hearts. The design of our company shirt that will be worn by our entire team and given to our portfolio company CEO's, prominent venture capitalists, fortune 500 executives, and social media experts. We would like to find something so good that we can use it for many years and continue to print hundreds of shirts. We have gone back to our crowd-sourced designers in the past with additional work, and often hire them for continued service, so this may lead to a long-term relationship above and beyond the contest. We are trying to get this done in time for our big CEO Summit on December 1st, so the chances are that this contest will not run over a week, meaning a quick turn-around if you submit!

We also will make this contest blind, give quick and candid feedback, and will guarantee the prize as soon as we find a design we feel comfortable with.

Who we are: an early stage venture capital company that funds technology start-ups in Silicon Valley. We recently underwent new branding with a black/orange color scheme, and enjoy having a slightly edgy feel to our website.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

We want a shirt that people would actually feel good about wearing rather than another boring company t-shirt. We target a younger crowd of Silicon Valley start-up types, but many of our co-investors and friends in the industry are older as well. Striking a balance between cool and edgy, but not over the top, that would appeal to both groups is ideal.


Our LP is a rally car champion, and as a start some designs it would be great to see the incorporation of his car (see attached images) and our circle logo in whatever form you think works. The joke we have is that we are a "Thomvest Motorsports Division" so you could even include that tag-line somewhere on the shirt. It does not have to be one of the images however, and feel free to take a lot of creative freedom - we encourage altering images or sketching your own.

We also are very open to seeing designs that are completely different from focusing on cars. If you feel that there is something that matches the personality of the firm (http://www.thomvest.com), please feel free to submit something different. At this stage we are open to many types of design, and can iterate with you to find the perfect shirt.

Feel free to send any questions or comments and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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