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T shirt design for SEX and ROCK and ROLL. com

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sex and rock and roll.com


Im typing this on 2/9/11. 99extended contest.It is going on for about 2 more days. See examples of many entries for ideas and read target audience below.IWANT TO MAKE CLEAR! that I am selecting MANY WINNERS! I am beginning to award designs.Will do so for TWO WEEKS! DO NOT TAKE YOUR DESIGNS DOWN IF YOU SEE A WINNER-BECAUSE I MIGHT BE PICKING YOUR DESIGN NEXT! Repeat many awards.Logos and designs, many winners of both.Logos that could fit on t-shirt or hat or garment is what Im seeking now.

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The target audience is any human who likes sex and rock and roll. Like I said above I want to appeal to people of all ages who may be interested in rock music with a sexy edge to it. I dont wish to create any images that could not be worn by teenage persons attending school and hope to create a brand that perhaps people of all ages would like to wear to the mall that is perhaps sort of a bit flirty ,maybe edgy ,and perhaps fun and hopefully humurous to a certain extent. It does not have to be funny but for sure sexy.


The shirt that will have 2 designs. The (1ST) and foremost design will be able to be applied to the front of the shirt ( or jacket) or to the rear of the garment. This design needs to be 3 colors. Perhaps the words SEX - ROCK -ROLL., could be one color, the words ,AND (2) .COM - could be another color. Some sort of art work or grapfic( a quitar perhaps?) could be another color.The (2ED) design(much smaller) will be able to be applied to the front of the shirt in the pocket area , upper left side of shirt if the first design is appied to the rear.This makes possible one sided and two sided shirts. The ( 2ED) design will be 3 or perhaps 2 colors (prabably 3) and should be text oriented This could be perhaps oblong in shape( ?) and be smooth. The text on both designs should have the words SEX -ROCK-ROLL. , much larger then, and .com ....SEX and ROCK and ROLL. com. The color of the shirts will be black and or very dark gray. The (1ST) design does not need to be smooth on the sides( it could be) however I would like the (2ED) design to have smooth edges. Please be creative.I would like to recieve two files for each design in a rsd format and AI format. As well as files for each design.This has lots of potential!Whomever wins gets more business in the future. Go for it! SEX and ROCK and ROLL.com ( i am limited on the # of characters I can type in this box. ) Go for it!


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