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Mikethibodeau brauchte ein neues T-Shirt Design und hat einen Wettbewerb auf 99designs gestartet.

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We are a brand new (hot!) startup looking for some wicked shirts that people will like wearing, while putting in place a solid brand. We will be giving out thousands of these things, so there is the possibility of the designer building a bit of a name for himself/herself once the brand gets bigger.

The winner(s) of this contest will likely be contracted out to design more promotional items (shwag!) and other things needing a designers touch in the future. If we like more than one design, we will contact each designer and buy those too!

Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

What we are looking for here is a design that goes well on a T-shirt (and other shirts afterward...) which incorporates the Lymbix brand, culture, and personality.

We are a new (web) startup composed of young people, creating a cool brand, with a wicked idea. These shirts will be given out freely as promotional items on our site as people participate and use our free service.

The only strict restrictions with respect to the design is that the brand is incorporated strongly and that people will want to wear them. The brand here refers to Lymbix, with our main venue being at lymbix.com/www.lymbix.com. If it fits maybe you should incorporated our URL into your design.

Here is the company logo for some inspiration:


The "I" guy, (lets call him Bix) will be branded strongly, so he should have a big role on the shirt, preferably. The logo, which can certainly be incorporated in its entirety, is just a guide. Bix can be brought out on his own, enlarged and made the main piece of the shirt as an example, while the logo is left out, or is left small. Colors can also  be changed, while the actual color of the shirt is up to you. The tagline (Understood Clearly) can also be used, although that is also optional. 

We are a company which analyzes text and gives colorful and dynamic reports with respect to the emotion in the passage. Color plays a very important role in this design, but to keep printing costs down, the design should only incorporate 1 to 3 different colors. It would be preferable if the design could change to look good on different colors (on white, blue, black, green, etc.)

The design should also be located only on the front, unless you think of a really cool way to encorporate the back or sleeves.

What is most important is that the creative juices are flowing and that a shirt is created that people will want to wear, while carying a strong Lymbix brand.

Obviously all materials need to be original.


- Strong Lymbix brand presence
- Strong use of color
- Looks good (obviously?)
- Something a normal print shop can handle printing
- Trendy 
- Unisex Design
- Vector Format Preferably

Was Sie nicht möchten

- Something Unoriginal (that you do not own) 
- Bland

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