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t-shirt for crew members

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Jimmy O's Pizzeria http://www.jimmyospizza.com


Jimmy O's Pizzeria is a medium size family run pizza parlor in Oregon City, Oregon (a suburb of Portland). We opened in 1981 and continue today in our original location. Our "niche" is high quality, not the lowest price. We pride ourselves in getting orders right and not sending product that does not meet our standards. Our customers are mostly in the 30-50 age group. We're not looking for the cutting edge in t-shirt design, but we do want to look nice.Some keywords/phrases to describe us are: professional, fun (but not loony), community involvement, family friendly, service oriented.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

The shirts will be worn by our crew members (employees), but the "target" audience is our customers.


*business name on front and back of shirt
*we will be using black short sleeve shirts
*no more than 3 colors
*readability is important
*artwork must be scalable (shirt sizes from s-xl)
*we are not including a logo and do not want one used
*we would like the following on the back of the shirt
"Jimmy O's a Pizza Experience!" with "Experience" in a different font or type style or color (if that makes any sense!!)
*the design should be gender neutral
*the shirts will be worn tucked in, so a design to the bottom of the shirt is not desired
*file format should be able to be opened by Adobe CS3
*on the left chest (your view) all crew members wear a small name tag

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