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New T-Shirt Company Looking For Designs!

No Apology brauchte ein neues T-Shirt Design und hat einen Wettbewerb auf 99designs gestartet.

Aus 142 Designs von 44 Designern wurde eine Gewinner gewählt.


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No Apology Clothing


We are a brand new t-shirt company based in Sydney, Australia and we are currently looking for designs for our own label - No Apology.

We are looking for designs that appeal to our target audience. We have no genre or topic as such but we do have several websites that we gain inspiration from (noteably #1-3 below) so we would like you all to take a look at them before submitting your work.

1. http://www.ilovewaterloo.com (we love love love their designs!)
2. http://www.threadless.com (great designs)
3. http://www.uneetee.com
4. http://www.thegrandsocial.com.au/das-monk
5. http://www.imaginaryfoundation.com
6. http://www.coltesse.com
7. http://www.youngloverslabel.com

You will see that I Love Waterloo has the Film/TV/Music topic going on (we LOVE the Bob Dylan, The Who:Drums and Janis Joplin designs!) but the other websites dont always. Please dont limit yourself to just film/TV/music, submit more than one design if you wish but please make sure it's interesting, eye-catching and a design that you yourself would wear and you think others would also.

Get creative - think pop-culture, think art, think skulls, think banksy, think quality, think outside the square, think entertainment, think edgy, think design but most of all think unique and the wow factor...

...we want our t-shirts to be the ones people wear and they're asked where they got it from!

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

16 - 39 year olds or anyone who wears t-shirts!


The only requirement for this project is for you all to get creative! Dont overwhelm your designs with over detail, sometimes basic designs are best but if you do need those extra details and you can justify it then go for it - you're the designers, not us!


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