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Patriotic T-Shirt design to promote Veterans Group

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FishBuster, Inc.


FishBuster, Inc. is a new company focusing on outdoors-related internet and mobile applications. We have a celebrity endorser in Charlie Moore of ESPN's top rated outdoors-related show "Beat Charlie Moore." We have been featured on ESPN, Fox affiliate morning shows, multiple radio shows, and a number of the top outdoors and tech websites.

Visit http://www.fishbuster.net for more details.

We sponsored a car in the Richmond, VA Nationwide NASCAR event to benefit a disabled veterans charity earlier this year. We are proud supporters of the American Legion sponsored group, Vets on a Roll.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

We skew to a largely male demographic ranging in age from 25-45 that are highly affluent business types. These shirts will be used to commemorate our involvement with the Kerr Lake Veterans recreation park opening as well as be sold online with all proceeds being donated to charity.


The goal is to get a shirt design that reflects our branding yet focuses on the NASCAR sponsorship and a patriotic theme to honor these veterans:
- would like to stay at 4-5 colors or less
- looking for an "illustrated" look to the car (see http://www.tshirtsunlimited.com/designs.html for example of style wanted)
- only design elements of the car that are important to us are the FishBuster logo (feel free to spruce up or add patriotic themes to it), the URL to the American Legion above the rear wheel, and the number 26. All of the other sponsor decals, etc.. can be color-filled boxes or whatever. They aren't important to the overall design.
- I have a VERY rough idea concept:

Some sort of red/white/blue treatment to the FishBuster logo with an illustrated shot of the car and a call out to the "Vets on a Roll" organization.
- I was thinking black shirts, but if you have a better idea post it. Black shirt is not a requirement for this.
- If it fits and doesn't look too tacky, please work in our URL: http://www.fishbuster.com

Side note:
The outdoors can be referenced in the design, but I prefer to stay away from "rustic" or overly outdoorsy imagery. When in doubt, think ESPN logos and graphics.

I have attached logos, ad creatives, and some shots from the NASCAR event. Feel free to modify them in any way to fit your design concepts. Thanks and have fun!

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