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We're NUTS! NutsOnline that is. Corny. Ya. Self-deprecating too!

NutsOnline.com is a third generation family business...well the underlying business is. My grandfather started a nut shop in 1929 and I put the business online in 1999.

We've grown rapidly ever since by focusing on our customers. It's easy for me to care because I grew up in this business and I work with my dad, my mom, my uncle, and my cousin. We also love to eat our goodies, so we treat our customers exactly as we want to be treated. And then some. Nothing like exceeding expectations.

Even as we have grown we have stuck to our roots and kept things feeling like your corner store, where you are known on a first name basis. We like to be very personal with our customers and engage with them. And we are certainly professional, but we do enjoy joking around a bit!

We went from about 100 different types of nuts, dried fruits, and sweets to nearly 2,500 products. Words can't do much justice. Spend 30 seconds browsing our site and you might start drooling.

So, long story short, this t-shirt is an opportunity for us to give something back to our customers.

~Nutty Jeff

And if you'd like, click around our about us section: http://www.nutsonline.com/about-us/

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

This t-shirt will be for our existing customers, so it is a pretty broad audience. It should appeal to both men and women. Not sure if this is helpful, but here is what quantcast says: http://www.quantcast.com/nutsonline.com

This was the t-shirt we printed several years ago:



1. Cute, fun, personal
2. A little bit of wit doesn't hurt
3. Design on both front and back
4. Ideally keep the design itself under 5 colors
5. Include at least 1 nut cartoon (yes, i am obsessed)
6. Include nutsonline.com somewhere on there
7. Shirt itself can be white or a color...we actually want people to wear these, so investing more in a color shirt is ok
8. Want to get back .ai file, pdf, and any font information
9. There is a fine line in our nut business that is hard not to cross. Edgy is fine, but shy away from crude
10. See some of our previous designs to get a good feel
11. Go NUTS!

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