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Funny Basrah, Iraq US Military T-shirt Design

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Looking for unique and funny design for a t-shirt intended for US and International military members stationed in Basrah, Iraq. We don't have strict parameters...please keep designs to 6 colors or less for easy screen printing, and try to give us something that will appeal to a diverse demographic. Humor is most welcome. Actually, funny is required.

Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

We are a group of US Military members stationed in Basrah, Iraq.  We are looking for a funny t-shirt to sell on base that might give people something to smile about, in a place where one generally finds few reasons to smile.  Our ideas include the following:

1.  "Basrah. Clean as the Shatt al-Arab". (the Shatt al-Arab is a filthy river near the base). 

2.  "Spring Break Basrah"

3.  "Venice of the Middle East" (from Wikipedia)

These are just ideas...you don't necessarily have to use these.  We're not married to any one of them.


- Must say "Basrah, Iraq" somewhere on the design
- Must say "2009" somewhere on the design
- Must be funny
- Must be 6-color design or less

Was Sie nicht möchten

- Must not be vulgar.  Funny, but not vulgar.
- Must not be TOO complicated or it will be too expensive to print.

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