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Design the Official T-Shirt for a Large Internet Company

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People wear a t-shirt to show support, loyalty, and of course express themselves. We help niche brands sell/giveaway t-shirts & merchandise. We're good at helping others spread the word, but not so great at designing our own merchandise to giveaway!

Check out the website to get a feel for us: http://www.printfection.com/

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

We'll be giving away this design on t-shirts, coffee mugs, aluminum water bottles, mousepads, etc - to existing and potential customers of ours. The design you create should appeal to a WIDE range of people. (The ladies and the gentleman, and the young and not so young.)

Above all else, we want a design that people will actually want to wear, even if this means a bit less "Printfection" branding within the design!


1) Use our name or logo SOMEWHERE in the design. You can drop the ".com" from the logo, if you're using the logo, that's fine.

1.5) We've also included some "blue P" designs we have, in case you want to work off this concept.

2) Needs to be something that someone would actually want to wear and doesn't get relegated to the bottom of a drawer. Its MORE than a t-shirt. Be creative.

3) Since we do our own printing there's no limit to the number of colors in the design.

4) We will only be printing front/back on the tee, so no sleeves or wraps.

5) Vector Image in RGB, not CMYK

6) Style guideline - We have included some example files of Quicksilver and Penguin, two brands. You can see their original logos and a few example t-shirt designs they have done to give you an idea of how you might alter a logo or brand name into a nice looking t-shirt. These are just examples, not hard rules as to what we'd like/ would not like.

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