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Canadian Fight Gear T-Shirt Design

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Sentinel Fight Gear


Sentinel Fight Gear supplies the athletes and fans of kickboxing, submission wrestling and mixed martial arts with high quality training equipment and accessories. Our products include apparel (t-shirts and fight shorts) as well as training gloves and other equipment. Sentinel Fight Gear was created by a group of guys that love to train hard. Whether its submission wrestling, kickboxing or mixed martial arts we're there. For us it's not about the blood, sweat and tears; it's about facing the pain and overcoming our greatest obstacles - our own mental and physical limitations.

Extreme martial arts, as they are often called are an evolutionary step in an age old tradition where two people can test their stamina against one-another in a contest that involves speed, strength, and technical skill.

Although we are sometimes brawlers, we are not hooligans or delinquents, we are dedicated athletes who have found a way to express ourselves without words and test our mettle.

As a new company, we are also running a logo contest here on 99designs, so please check our profile and if you're keen add a design for that too!

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

For this project our target audience is Canadian Fighters and Canadian fans of extreme fighting sports, a sub-market is Canadian Armed Forces, Police and Emergency Response personnel who may also like the design you create.


1. There are a lot of fight-wear companies, most of them are selling designs with a predominantly U.S. feel to them. We want at least 1 shirt design that all of the Canadian fighters and fans of extreme fight sports will be proud to wear. Right now we are planning to print 3 designs, so there may be multiple prizes depending on what we see here.
2. We have one or two entries that we like, we're still open to new designs. One concept that we would like to see is a Beaver ground and pounding an eagle. With good artwork, this would be a winner (as mentioned multiple winners).
3. Color requirements: As mentioned we are planning to print 3 shirt designs, and of those we will be printing two of the designs on dark, either black or charcoal, so those designs will need to be suitable for that. The 3rd design will be printed on white. We will also be limiting the design to 3 colors. So please only submit concepts with up to 3 colors (it's ok to only have one color, we just don't want to have more than 3 - of course cost is the issue here. So if you can create a great shirt design with 1 color great! If it looks even better with a bit of color, then that's good too. We budget for up to 3 colors).

Don't forget to check out our logo contest too!

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