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Athletics Australia apparel range - very exciting!

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Athletics Australia. http://www.athletics.com.au


We are Athletics Australia.
The premier organisation for Australian athletics. We work across all states and territories and work with athletes from juniors through the World Championships, Olympics and Commonwealth Games teams.

We want all Australians to be active, fit and healthy - that's why we want to use the Athletics Australia (A.A) brand to develop a range of apparel to get more people up and active.

Naturally, we are vibrant, dynamic, active, athletic, outgoing and fun!

We proudly wear Australia's green and green (but don't get too hung up on using green and gold all the time - or even the color pallette from the style guide - because the 'basics' colors for activewear of navy, black, red should be in the range (and enhanced by the AA logo).

You can read more about us at http://www.athletics.com.au.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

Our target market currently buys their active wear in Target or Kmart - but now we can offer them the beneft of the AA brands to help support their choice.

We need your designs to convince the potential audience that wearing active wear with AA brands on it is better than a generic range of gear.

We are targetting our new range to men, women, boys and girls.
We are one of the only brands that can go happily across all ages, genders and demographics.

This means we will have a range of customers; from those who like their activewear to be "loud and out there" and those who like to do it a little more conservatively.


We want to take our AA brand through retail (Target, Kmart, etc) and need some apparel range designs incorporating our logos.

Activewear is a really important category and we want to see how you would apply the A.A brands to attract all Australians to wear this gear - whether they were at the gym, on the track or just watching our athletes compete from the couch!

The range of apparel could include:

a) Participant wear - singlets, shorts, polos, t-shirts, sox - all with performance in mind. This could include some replica items.

b) Other range - tracksuits, bags, drink bottles, etc that support the program.

c) Supporter wear - t-shirt designs to show your support for the Aussie's.

Have a look at the attachments:

* The AA logo is the official logo and the primary logo to be applied.

* "The Flame" is the name for the Australian Team and this logo gets used secondly - it would be used on swing tags, packaging, point of sale, etc.

* The 'Target netball' document shows a good example of how Target are atracting all netballers with the endorsement of Netball Australia.

Be creative and have fun. Ask lots of questions - we will respond quickly to any questions, queries or comments.

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