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Logo and Business Cards for Computer/IT Company

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We need a logo designing for a new company and some business card designs with a professional look ready for when we start trading.

I saw this rating system elsewhere on the site so I have decided to add it here:

1 star - wrong direction
2 star - some elements we like
3 star - getting closer but need revisions or a different take on your design
4 star - design is being considered
5 star - made the final cut!


Technical Guys

Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

We require a logo and a business card design for a new company - Technical Guys. The company provides local IT and computer support, desktop and laptop repairs. We are also offering remote support just like the big companies do! The company is likely to be split 60/40 between home/business customers.

For the home user we will offer a fixed fee - no solution no charge - pricing policy. Repairs and upgrades can be done either in our repair shop or at the customers own home.

For the business user we offer IT support outsourced so they can focus on their own business. We're using remote access software so the vast majority of faults we should be able to fix there and then without going to them onsite. We are also able to write custom software applications for business customers and provide staff IT training. Part of our business will be developing websites for our customers.

We are located on Nottinghamshire, England. ( UK ).

We have a prototype website up and running which describes us a little more:


Nothing is fixed in stone in terms of colours or fonts. Be creative, we can change colours if its going to fit in with a winning logo design. We like - orange, blue, black. We're not too keen on green or cyan.

Details to be shown on the business card front:

Company Name: Technical Guys

Tag Line(s): #1 Local IT Support  #2 Your Local IT Experts #3 IT Support Locally

- Tag Line note - only need one tag line open to other suggestions if anyone has any good ideas. As the contest progress the best tag line to use should become apparent.

Telephone Number: Freephone 0800 6128 123

Telephone note - happy for a telephone logo/icon

Skype: technicalguys.co.uk

Skype note - perhaps a skype logo on the card?

Email: help@technicalguys.co.uk

email note - happy for an envelope icon/logo

website: http://www.TechnicalGuys.co.uk
Website note - I think that the T of Technical and G of Guys should be capitalised to aid reading - lets see how it looks. Happy for website icon/logo.

Address: We've not found fixed premises yet! If we do we'll update here so in the design leave a space for the address ( enough to fit in '1 The Street, Retford, Notts, DN22 1AA' ).

Also need - 'Covering Retford, Worksop, Gainsborough, Lincoln and surrounding areas.'

Details to be shown on the business card rear:

We'd like the following presented as a list of our services on the back of the card.... -->

All Laptops and Desktops Fixed

Repairs and Upgrades

Remote Fix Service

No Solution - No Charge

On-Site Business IT Support

Website Design

Custom Business Applications

Insurance Reports


The back of the card should be the same format as the front ( portrait or landscape ). Please leave a small space on the back to enable us to write in perhaps a phone number or a web address when we are giving out to the customer.

At the foot of the business card on the back we'd like the phrase ' buy locally - thank you' with the word 'locally' in red and the other words in a colour matching the logo.

The logo should be clear and crisp. If it cannot be read clearly then your design is unlikely to be the winner!

We're open to the logo design. We'll review submitted designs and let you know what aspects we like and dont like.

The logo should inspire potential customers that we can be trusted and know what we are talking about.


- See above - we like orange, blue and black. We have seen some good designs on here using reds which looked ok.
- We want a clear easy to understand and read logo. We dont want people squinting to try and decipher what the logo says.
- We want a modern clean image. We want to look fresh and up to date.
- The business cards will be print both sides 400gsm artboard laminated. Lithographic 4 colour printing. Dimensions 85mm x 55mm with a 3mm bleed around so thats 91mm x 61mm with bleed. We dont mind designs in portrait or landscape.
- The winning designs will need to be supplied to us in adobe illustrator CS3 or Adobe Photoshop CS3 layered.
- We will need a separate logo file ( in the format outlined above ) and a separate business card file ( in the format outlined above ).
- Web 2.0 designs and or glassy effect designs are fine.
- Must look professional.
- Must be original.

Was Sie nicht möchten

- We dont want retro looks - so no old 2 button ball mice in the logo, no CRT's etc. The design needs to look modern and fresh.
- Must not be complicated.
- Design should not look flat.
- No rip-offs. The design should be original.
- Nothing cheesy but a rememberable design would be ok.

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