Fun- Midcentury- Retro Logo for Donut Shop

Profilbild von Souln™

In the contest I held, I had so many amazing designers that it made my head spin. But Souln was always the winner in my mind. His first design showed originality and creativity and caught my eye right away. But he kept working on it to perfect it. He changed colors, changed shapes, added textures asked me questions, made suggestions. He made little adjustments that the average customer would never notice on my logo, but which meant a great deal to me. Everything I asked him to do, he did cheerfully. He never made me feel as though I had asked for too many revisions. When we went to finals, I threw at him the feedback I was getting from polls, and he made major adjustments to the logo to make it perfect. In my brief I said that I wanted a completely original design that both the designer and I would be proud of. That is exactly what I got. I could not be happier. Souln deserves to be a top level designer, and I'm sure he will be soon.

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vor fast 3 Jahre

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