Website Design Contest!

"kelly_hero" is... Our Hero!

With 152 entries, submitted by 12 separate Designers, we had our work cut-out for us!

Indeed, while we were adept enough in our own efforts to write a Design Brief that offered each of our 12 Designers to "Design-by-the-Numbers", based on carefully articulated Guidelines, the design presented by "kelly_hero" distinguished itself from the rest in one decisive way.

From the beginning, it was clear that, not only did "kelly_hero" craft a design wherein "Form" aligned perfectly with "Function", but "kelly_hero" knows Coding! It was her Coding skills, clearly demonstrated in her design, that immediately set "kelly_hero" a part from the rest; and to our extraordinary benefit!

We are forever grateful! Thank you "kelly_hero"... for being Our Hero!

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