Create a fullscreen illustration/graphic for our landing page which describes our features

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I was looking for an illustration on my landing page that could explain the complicated steps that have to be undertaken with DNA genealogy. I wanted something easy to read, clear to the eye and it should involve some sort of a mascot like eg an Octopus which should be friendly looking to the visitors of the website.

Diego came up with the design in infographics style which is very popular in the last couple of years. Though the competition was picking up on my brief and tried similar approaches, none were even close to the quality of work that Diego did. With the only exception being the runner-up who chose a comic style to explain the customer journey.

Working with Diego was easy, though we were basically opposite on the planet we've managed to communicate through private messages and examples posted. He built many iterations and was working on the tiniest of details that I'd like to get changed.

He also proposed by himself several different ideas at different points in the project. That gave me opportunities to compare ideas and select what I liked the most.

In the end I was running a poll with my beta users and the overwhelming majority (80%) selected his design for it's clarity and simplicity in explaining a complex process.

I would be very happy to work with Diego again should the opportunity for an infographic style arise again.

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