Looking for artisan coffee roasting logo that conveys happiness and old-time integrity

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In their review template, 99Designs asks you to describe what went well, as well as what could have gone better. Working with Kirill was such a pleasure, that there really is NOTHING that could have gone better! From the start, Kirill's design stood out. He came up with an incredibly creative "old world" coffee roaster character, and then further came up with the concept of the character carrying a coffee roaster. This conveyed a lot of fun and liveliness that the other designs did not have. Kirill possesses a unique combination of technical expertise and true artistic creativity, which really brings his work to life. If you take a look at his other designs as well, you can see this kind of lively creativity on display.

In addition to his great artistic abilities, Kirill was also very professional and easy to work with. He responded promptly to questions and design revision requests, always with a detailed explanation of what he changed, and with an invitation to please let him know if it could be improved further. Perhaps the best thing about working with Kirill is that he could just as easily come up with his own vision (if that's what you wanted) as he could implement detailed design directions. It was nice to be able to say, "I don't know what I want - please run with it" and know that the design was in capable hands.

In short, I highly recommend Kirill for any design project, and you can bet that we will be going directly to him for future design needs!

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