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Web 2.0 Site & Reporting System

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We need full site design and coding for a web 2.0 reporting application system


BrandxxxWatcher (remove the xxx)

Was inspiriert Sie und wie stellen Sie sich das Design für Ihr Unternehmen vor?

Desired Color Scheme:
crisp professional color scheme required

Desired Style:
web 2.0 style, clean contemporary look

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)

First please ensure that you really are capable of carrying out the design AND coding we require before posting as we reward good workers well but we need to get this up fast and have a low timewaster threshold so forgive my directness but I've genuinely had weeks of my time wasted by "can do's" who really can't do :( so please ensure you can do what we ask and we'll get along superfine and you'll be paid well and fast :)

The site is going to be called BrandxxxWatcher (remove the xxx), it's purpose is to monitor brand name abuse on search engines and we are looking for a very clean web 2.0 style site index page, other pre sign up page templates for about/contact/inof etc. pages

we require sign up page's template creation and forms styling, the client side management pages template and styling, (there are probably around 10 - 15 core pages  to integrate into your design along with add/edit pages too but these will fit into your template and only need minimal work in the form of your web 2.0 stylie design/ css applying to the text boxes already in play) so prepare to design say 1 index, 1 generic pre sign up template page, and around 15 client side admin pages, which is basically the same template but with different  forms integrated, 2 html emails so around but not exactly 20 pages, there could be a couple more as we are still jigging the site around currently so flexibility would be an advantage.

Please include a logo too in your design, we may not like your site design but love the logo, in which case we'd award you the logo prize, basically we want the very best design and logo we can and vice versa, your design may be amazing but we have no  love  for the logo so we'll choose someone else’s.

The reporting interface we have utilises JavaScript sliding layers and we will need you to integrate this into your design, color coordinate it and ensure cross browser stability for IE, mozilla, firefox and opera etc. for all pages.

We will also need design and styling for a couple of system notification emails again ensuring that they work on the most popular email clients and platforms.

Design wise we like the web 2.0 style, gradients , subtle tones look that's contemporary and we need the site to look like a costly, quality professional application as we are going to be charging for users to access it, your design should be more like a very cool looking accounting or reporting system , sharp technical and contemporary though rather than stuffy old accounting style .. currently for example, our details page is like this http://www.smiles4u.co.uk/bw1.jpg which needs containing and coloring better to show which listing is being shown in one or more open JavaScript sliding layer (viewers can open multiple layers so it gets confusing as it is now, needs different colors to help this out)

You'll have access to our expert in house php developer to smooth the way to take our bland existing files/forms and integrate them into your amazing design but ultimately you'll have to have coding skills to speed this process up.

For your inspiration please look at the best, cleanest yet exciting web 2.0 applications out there, make ours look like a high flyer and there could be a bonus in there in excess of the prize too ! as we really will reward excellence with a premium so fire up your design programs and get going :)

Ask away whatever you need to know, feel free to list application sites who's styles you think may be relevant, I'll do what we love/hate and why on them.. so you’ll see what we like and don't etc.

*As we are offering $2000 prize for this we will expect a profesional job from start to finish, no rushed installation or corners cut and at $2000 we expect some ongoing tweaks which may add up to a couple of days work in the few weeks after installation (and full payment has been made - we won't keep you hanging on of course) so please be aware of this now and enter on this basis.

Please only enter this competition if you can genuinely complete the full instegration of our code into your design etc.


payment preferred by paypal (we are certified) but can do direct bank/wire transfer too, we'll pay in 3 stages, 33% on receipt of initial page code design, 33% on 50% stage and final 34% on completion but are open to negotiation on this dependent upon your location and reputation etc.


We require a logo that is distinctive, and looks professional rather than quirky the site name is BrandxxxWatcher (remove the xxx) we'll need the logo plain plus with co.uk & .com variations, files in psd with fonts supplied (or at least named) for pc. we'd also like a version with space for a tagline under it too please so supply a font that works well for a tagline too.

Feel free to do just text as well as with visuals, binoculars/spyglass/ radar.. whatever as long as it looks web 2.0 style, professional and it's relevant .. go for it, we'll probably hate most but am sure one or two will have us reaching for the winner button.

Winner paid in full by paypal or direct bank transfer upon receipt of psd, font details etc.

This contest was originally listed in multiple categories:
- Logo Design
- Web Page Design (Coded)

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