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Passion Income


I am a 39 year old Mum of two, highly qualified and experienced in the education sector as a lecturer, manager and consultant. In the last 3 years I have combined this with coaching skills to help a range of personal, corporate and small business clients. I have recently tightened my niche and the concept of 'Passion Income' was born. Passion Income helps people to align themselves to their true passion and purpose, so that they can live authentic lives as the person and professional that they really are. Passion Income helps people to create an abundant lifestyle for themselves and those they love by doing what makes their heart sing! It helps people find their passion if they dont know what that is and then provides tangible ideas and solutions to secure a great income doing what they love. It helps those who are already working for themsleves to make the necessary changes to their business so that self employment/ being a company owner/manager becomes the dream lifestyle they always hoped it would be. The approaches used are designed to open people's understanding of themselves and give them the confidence to see that who they really are is all they need to make a great success of their lives. In the past I have experienced the same frustrations as the clients I describe. My passion is to help people in the same situation I was in when it seemed nobody understood.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

My target audience will have experienced similar frustrations as me! They have hit the stage in life where they are starting to ask - is this really it?! They may be wondering how the heck they found themselves in a 'sucessful' job, earning good money, possibly with a family, but don't actually enjoy doing what they do! In fact, it's starting to really get them down if they are honest - they are intelligent, well meaning people, who want to make a positive difference in the world, but feel 'trapped' in a role either professionally, personally or both. They are worried about how 'living their lifes purpose' will pay the bills, lacking confidence that their passion has any value to anyone else, perhaps feeling selfish about 'wanting more' from life when to others it seems like they have 'everything'. But they are frustrated, dying inside, questioning and may even feel pretty depressed (though they are disguising it well). Some of my audience will have taken the bold step of going it alone, but it hasn't lived up to their expectations - they may be hiding their true light - their real skill, afraid or unable to communicate what they can really do for others and so their businesses are not where they want them to be and they are not enjoying the work they do and/or the clients they are attracting. Once again they feel trapped and disappointed despite their best efforts!


I'd like a logo please, which encapsulates the above!
It will be used on my website, stationery and other promotional materials.
My website (currently under construction) will have a clean, bight and airy feel to it, probably with images of nature, horses (one of my passions!) and good things in life (I have been described as 'a country girl with city tastes' which I rather like!)
Passion Income will generate much of its income from online marketing, so the logo has to work for that.
It will also provide services such as one to one coaching/mentoring and business development support.
It will also offer a series of high end, unique retreats in country locations designed to significantly move people forward with their goals.
Passion Income will combine the services of other tried and trusted professionals in unique ways to inspire and inform my clients, so the logo needs to be something other professionals see as credible and feel proud to be associated with.
I feel the logo will combine words and picture in the design.
If a bold accent colour is used it will be softened by the addition of a more muted tone.
I have no particular colour preferance as long as it evokes a sense of 'country meets city' and/or 'passion meets purpose'.
I hope that this brief inspires passion in you for this project - if it does, then you are the one!!
Good luck! I can't wait to see your work. . . .

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