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Rethink Retreats


Rethink Retreats is a new company which runs high end week long holistic career and stress management retreats for the busy professional in their late 30s to mid 40s.

The first retreat will run October 2011 in a chateau in the Dordogne, France. It's a luxurious venue and will allow us to help our clients relax and refocus on an aspect of their lives. Over the week, they will experience daily yoga and meditation, three life coaching or hypnotherapy sessions, a massage and a session of acupuncture as well as specialist work such as a CV review by a head-hunter.

They will arrive stressed and leave calm and with a plan.

The retreats are fairly expensive, so this is a sizeable investment for the client. But as well as the training offered, they get 7 days accommodation and three meals a day (catered by a Swedish company that specialises in healthy, calming food which is 80% vegetarian). And of course continual access to the pool and grounds of the chateau and contact time with the team of stress management professionals (there's a great staff to client ratio), as well as a supportive network of likeminded individuals.

Most importantly they are buying a space think – to rethink.

And it's good fun, fairly quirky and although full of yoga, there's lots of French wine, giggling and cake (who wouldn't feel better about their life, with all that going on?)

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

Clients are mostly lawyers, accountants and bankers who travel regularly and are used to excellent service. They'll be high earners who will not view this retreat as expensive, and this will be one of several holidays they take this year. Many of them will have worked for a long time to get to the top of their careers and now can’t quite remember why – some of them will be going through the life questioning brought on by divorce. They will all be demanding and expect quality, amazing service and will be vocal if they do not receive it.

Women – may well have gone on other yoga retreats before. But they will not have done yoga and career management work at the same time. In theory they will be an easier sell – pictures of the beautiful environment and a list of the luxurious treatments they will receive as well as reviews of the yoga.

Men – will probably be resistant to the yoga, but interested in trying it (but unlikely to admit it, possibly even to themselves). Likewise to the acupuncture (unless they wish to give up smoking or have an exercise injury). They will have more interest in the ‘safer’ areas of career and life coaching, but the real draw to them will be a group of likeminded individuals and the time and space to review their lives.


I want to communicate - luxury, confidence, friendliness, professionalism with a touch of the quirky.

I need a logo for business and postcards, discrete use on polo shirts for the practitioners, and of course for the website.

The brand needs to be clean, crisp and modern, nothing even slightly new age about it.

I’ve been leaning towards blue and silver as corporate colours, with lots of white space to keep things feeling calm and spacious.

I think my hardest sell will be to men, as women understand the way retreats work and exactly what they’re likely to get. Men will need to know it’s not all fluffy yoga, but something substantial. So I am considering having different marketing for each gender - blue for men, silver for women, but also keep the two colours together for more combined work when needed.

Type-wise I’m thinking a discrete modern serif, as for many people it denotes quality. And my clients are fairly stuffy, but see themselves as modern. Though please do try a clean sanserif, if it suits the crisp design.

The company literature uses lots of alliteration – Relax, Review, Rethink Retreats is the main tag line – other words I'm working in; recuperate, regenerate, renovate, reiterate, resource, redirect (and my personal favourite – remunerate).

Small note - please don't use two linked R's in the logo - I am very much after a logo that emphasises a playful motivated change. The company is about small changes that lead to big effects - rippling out from the retreat week. Though obviously nothing too cliched or new age.

Main company tag line "relax, review, rethink retreats"

The second tag line I am using is "Rethink Retreats - a space to think"

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