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SAJE Ideas


SAJE Ideas is a communications strategy company. We help companies better define who they are by helping them redefine their company positioning or by training their employees to be better communicators on the company or the products/services they sell. We go in at the top end - CEO, VP marketing, etc... and completely look at the whole company, how it is positioning itself, what it's missing, where it's missing it's audience, etc... and then come back with content, training, feedback from customers/partners, and what ever else is necessary based on our initial view. It's a completely unique company, headed up by two directors, Steve and Andrea, and the SAJE is a combination of our initials Steve Johnson and Andrea Edwards. Unfortunately in Australia SAJE wasn't available to register and the Web name was gone, so we had to go with SAJE Ideas.

We set up SAJE because we recognised a huge gap in the market for this sort of service. Our culture is truly international as we have both lived and worked all over the world. The personality we convey is that we are not bound by rules, we don't do things like anyone else, we're highly principled + have strong values, we are strong, independent and represent the dream that many say they want but are scared of - i.e. working for ourselves, living on the water, work when we want to and focused on balance and spending time with our boys.

Erzählen Sie uns, wer Sie sind und wen Sie erreichen wollen?

Our target audience are senior level executive decision makers in any dynamic organisation that are ready to take their company to a new level - to make their business stand out from the crowd. The sort of people we work with appreciate the value of the sort of work we do - so we don't need to "sell" ourselves too aggressively, although we expect that may change moving forward as we expand to win newer clients in different fields. So far, we've focused on IT companies + professional services and marketing companies, but in the future we will be focusing on some conservative industries, such as the construction and the defence sectors. We don't work with people only focused on money because they don't see the big picture. We work with people focused on making their company or product/service better and we can help them to do that. We also work with mature people who don't get in a frazzle over something insignificant, so that is something important to us, as people who get caught up in tiny details aren't the sort of people we want to work with - it's our job to focus on the detail!


We are looking for a very funky and distinctive corporate logo. The company name is a bit boring, but means something to us, so we need the logo to make it special.

Our corporate colours are red, black and silver.

The company name = SAJE Ideas

SAJE needs to be in caps

Ideas - we had to add this on and want it beside SAJE in the tiniest letters possible - we need to be able to read it, but it's not important to us. It just needs to be there

Our tag line is - "Gift of the Gab" and this needs to be incorporated in the logo

The J in SAJE needs to read like a J but could be seen as a G - the reason, SAGE = wisdom and even though we had to write SAJE to match our initials, we figure we can play with the graphics to make it look like either.

I'm a big fantasy reader and think a dragon incoporated in the logo would be great. But no Chinese or Japanese designs, I prefer the fantasy style. It needs to look wise and gentle, not aggressive. Also would love it to have wings.

I also like the Merkabah symbol - the five pointed star but it would have to be truly beautiful to work for me in the logo.

I am really open to any suggestions of symbols that mean wisdom or success or mythological symbols, it can't be too feminine tho! Strong and powerful but not feminine or masculine - a balance.

Hope that's helpful and excited to see any designs that might come in.

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