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Web Page Design For Industry Leading Solar Energy Website


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We are an industry leading website promoting solar energy. We provide consumers with educational information and news articles to help further the movement of solar energy across the nation. In addition, we maintain a list of installers who are interesting in servicing our consumers on their solar projects.

Our primary objective is helping home and business owners find and connect with solar professionals.

We would like to be represented as an industry leading and reputable company with a fun and web-savvy feel.


Cooler Planet


Primary audience is home and business owners shopping for solar energy, secondary audience is solar industry professionals.


Existing Home Page can be found here:

Design Specs:
* Need to use cross-platform compatible font (no special effects on text-glow/shadows/etc)
* Logo is fair game to change
* Get rid of the tricolumn look and feel, would like to have a more balanced, clean look

Things required on the page:
* Call to action to find a solar installer should be the main attention grabber.
* Include a "Pros Sign Up" button
* Include our phone number (draw slight attention to the phone number)
* Download/view our widgets section to go look and download our available widgets.
* Events do not need to be prominent, but a link should be included
* Live Solar Feed
* News, does not have to be prominently displayed
* Social Section to share the page (tweet/facebook/digg/etc)

We are looking to work with the winning designer for a slight variation on the page to be used as part of our other sections after the contest is over.

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