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Herzlichen Glückwunsch an den Gewinner, neilparnham!

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Our company does seo for small businesses. We have been doing seo for small businesses for 5 years and have helped tons of small local businesses reach their customers.

Web Designers and web developers also work a lot with small local businesses, so our purpose with is to partner with local developers to give them a great affordable service to offer their clients and customers.


Seo Miracle (


Our Target Audience is Web Designers and Web Developers.

I assume that most web designers and developers like to see clean, simple, and useful design. We want the same!

The goal is to impress web designers with a very clean and simple code that conveys what the site is about in the cleanest, simplest way possible.

We just need Design (PSD File), No Coding needed.


We need 2 pages designed (No Coding).

The first page we need is the home page.
The second page is a template for all internal pages.(users will log in and be in an internal page)

We would like them in PSD format.

*Here is the idea that we need to convey to our users:

* This is an SEO service that web designers and web developers can offer their clients- so that web designers and developers can focus on what they do best- the coding, developing, and designing. *

I think that web designers and developers appreciate very clean looking, simple, and modern websites. We want to impress the designers and developers.

I have seen many designs lately that have one cartoon, or avatar that conveys the idea of the site effectively-we like this.

A design that conveys what our site is the best will win. An avatar or cartoon may be the best way to do that?

**** Feel Free To Use Your Own Creativity. **** I am including a Mockup below for you to see that I made of the internal page template as well as a mockup of the home page. I Did Not create these as a design map or creative guideline, just to convey basically what we need.

Mockup for home page -
Mockup for internal page -

** So be free to use your own creativity and vision **

Thank You!!

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