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1,000 OpenCamp Blog-stars Will Wear YOUR T-Shirt Design!


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Herzlichen Glückwunsch an den Gewinner, RAKHA*****!

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OpenCamp is the SouthWest’s first multi-platform web conference. With top speakers covering topics ranging from social media to technical development, content creation, revenue generation and more, webmasters and web developers, bloggers, podcasters and technologists on any platform are welcome.

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and .NET sessions will all be available as well as tracks that will appeal to all attendees. We expect as many as 1,000 web professionals to be in attendance, making OpenCamp Dallas one of the largest multi-platform web content-creation and development events on the planet.




OpenCamp is dedicated to bringing together webmasters and web developers, bloggers, podcasters, and social media enthusiasts, regardless of the tools they use, the medium in which they provide content, or the topics upon which they focus. OpenCamp is a community for everyone involved in Web content creation.

The majority of attendees have likely attended a local meetup tech group, WordCamp, DrupalCamp, PodCamp, SXSW or is involved with technology, blogging or new media in some fashion.

Attendees are male and female between the ages of 18 and 45. Most are tech savvy and contribute to the web in someway – maybe in their profession or as a hobby.

OpenCamp is going to be huge. We have over 50 speakers already lined up and expect close to 1000 attendees at the conference from all over the nation. This design will be for the t-shirt that each attendee will recieve upon arrival. So, this means YOUR winning design will be worn by some very famous attendees like Chris Pirillo, Trey Ratcliff, Cali Lewis, and Giovanni Gallucci.


We're open on what the design should be but overall appearance should reflect aspects of web design, new media, technology, etc... and, of course, the fact that this is the first conference of its kind on the planet!

Here's some other requirements:
+ Include the OpenCamp Logo (attached), URL (, date and location of conference
+ Design will appear on the front of the t-shirt and will encompass a majority of the front (not a pocket design)
+ Back of the shirt will be reserved for all of our sponsors (including Woopra, LayeredTech, Neospire, Microsoft, EventBrite and many others.) Sponsor logos will be in black/white.
+ T-shirt will be white or light colored so the design can POP
+ Limit the colors to no more than 5 (including the colors from the logo)
+ The design will be printed using water based inks , sublimation and/or dye so the different layers of the graphic need to translate to those printing methods efficiently.
+ We will require the design in the following image formats: .ai, .jpg, and layered .psd files
+ Full ownership of the contracted materials will transfer to OpenCamp once the winner is awarded
+ Along with the prize money, winner will also recieve recognition at the OpenCamp conference as well as a blog post featuring the designer.

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