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UNIQUE Project - Business Card - THEME: Bus/Train/Plane Ticket


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We are a soon-to-launch collaborative travel website.

We help people to travel together on adventure trips, cultural trips or even career-building trips. Our site contains in-depth content on adventures from all over the world, but more importantly, it helps people to design trips and travel together.




Men and women. Early 20s to 60s. We target people who travel to learn and to live, not people that travel to relax on a beach. Our website is for travellers with an interest in geography, world affairs, cultural immersion, pushing limits, wildlife and ecology, volunteering, achieving goals, discovering the unknown, and sharing these experiences with others. Our typical customer is someone whom aspires to be a global citizen.


We require a business card that resembles a bus/train/plane ticket.

***The idea is that our business card is a free ticket to travel, explore and discover the world.***

A few creative points:
- the card is to resemble a bus/train/plane ticket
- it should have a look-alike magnetic strip to look authentic
- it should have the look and feel of a ticket, but still use some of our colours/logo (at your discretion)
- it should be two-sided, with information positioned thoughtfully
- it should have some bold features, so people don't forget it's a business card and mistake it for a ticket
- it should at least have rounded corners or another shape to look more authentic; but only one material please (no metal attachments or string)

A few technical points:
- we have attached a .ai of our logo
- we require an Adobe Illustrator file with the end product (.ai) or EPS
- we require the file to be prepared for printing and cutting (cut lines, etc.)
- it must be the standard business card size

The card must contain the following information:
- Globetrooper (company name/logo)
- Lauren Sullivan (contact name)
- +61 406 000 106 (phone number)
- (email)
- (website)
- (facebook page)
- Travel, Explore, Discover... Together (tagline)
- (other words & messages to make it more authentic as a ticket)

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