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Alien Nude LTD needs a new mobile app design


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Alien Nude LTD

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Creating fantastic apps


Games & Recreational


I`m making a quiz-app for people who are going to take the drivers license in Norway to test their knowledge before the exam. I need to have the app design, and want it to represent freedom.

The app will have a start menu, 45 questions and an end game. The app will also have an IAPs menu (In App Purchase) where the user can buy more questions, remove ads and instant feedback. All the questions have 4 answer alternatives.

The user can buy something called instant feedback, when this is bought the user gets to see if he answered correct on the question. And if he answered wrong he will see what was the correct answer.

In time of writing it`s uncertain if the app will have more question packs in the first release, because of this the app must be designed as if the question packs will be implemented but easy to remove from the design. I`ve marked the places where this will affect with "Additional".

App design and elements on each page

1) Start menu
1.1 Start
1.2 Shopping cart

Start question pack1
Start question pack2
Start question pack3
Start question pack4
Start question pack5
Start question pack6
Start question pack7
Start question pack8
Start question pack9
Start question pack10

2)Question Template. Although it´s 45 question per question pack. I only need one template.

I need one template of a question page. Elements that needs to be in the design:
2.1 background image
2.2 question box, or space to have the question
2.3 4 answer alternatives. Also have some way to indicate that the answer was wrong and which was the right answer if the user selects a wrong answer(for users that have bought Instant feedback)
2.4 Exit button
2.5 Shopping cart button
2.6 progress. displaying the question number (out of 45 i.e 34/45)
2.7 Next question(for users that have bought Instant feedback)

Please prioritize this page as the user will spend most of the time on pages like these. If you want me feedback before you continue your design show me this page.

3) End game
3.1a Test pas(for users that have passed the test)
3.1b Test not pas(for users that didn`t pas)
3.2 Post score on Facebook
3.3 Back to start menu

4) Shop / IAPs menu
4.1 Remove ads
4.2 Instant feedback
4.3 Silver - Removes ads and instant feedback

4.4 Question pack 1
4.5 Question pack 2
4.6 Question pack 3
4.7 Question pack 4
4.8 Question pack 5
4.9 Question pack 6
4.10 Question pack 7
4.11 Question pack 8
4.12 Question pack 9
4.13 Question pack 10
4.14 All Question packs
4.15 Gold - Al question packs, remove ads and instant feedback

This is most of the elements I need, but I`m very open for other ideas.

Weitere Anforderungen

The app will be for iPhone, Android and iPad. Please design the app in English, but the app needs to be simple to convert into other languages.

Target audience is people who are taking the drivers license. Most of them would be 18-25 years and both gender. But also older.

I think the drivers license represent freedom for, so keep that in mind while doing the design

We also tend to keep in touch with our providers and use them in future work, so it`s a possibility for more work in the future

EDIT: Thanks for all the designs so far, but I looking for more expression of freedom, maybe a road through a landscape or something like that

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