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iPhone App Icon Refresh - Make it awesome!


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Tap Forms is fundamentally an iPhone database app. You can store all kinds of information in it including photos, voice recordings and GPS locations with its integrated map view. An intuitive, easy to use and elegantly designed interface makes using it a breeze.

Tap Forms has been featured on the front page of the App Store and Apple Retail stores around the world. Apple is also currently featuring it in their 'iPhone in Business' directory at…ation.html

My app tag line is: YOUR LIFE. ORGANIZED.



The target audience for Tap Forms is anyone who needs to keep their lives organized. You can use Tap Forms to store any kind of information you might need quick access to while you're on the go.

Some of my customers have entire libraries of movies, books, wines, and recipes stored in Tap Forms. It's very customizable and can be easily used by everyone.

In fact, I bet if you're an iPhone or iPod touch user you could probably use it for your own life and work.


I need an app icon refresh. My current app icon is great and it stands out in the crowd. But I'm looking for something that more closely matches what my app does. The current icon is actually derived from the right-most part of my full logo that you can see on my website at The new icon should also fit in with a new logo. So basically I need a new logo and an app icon. Well, they're basically connected anyway. But I'm open to ideas on how to build the logo and/or app icon. The X makes people think that it's a close icon so I'm thinking that a database cylinder icon would be better or a form design like in this icon:…hitect.png

One thing that I like and want to keep is the colour selection. I like the blue and white. It matches my website and the rest of my app and it stands out in the app store nicely. But I'm definitely open to seeing other possibilities. Just keep in mind that I'm not looking for a complete website refresh. Well, at least not yet. So whatever design I choose will have to match with my site and app interface.

Another thing that I think is important to keep in mind is that my customers should still be able to recognize the icon as being for Tap Forms. But they should say "wow, that's a cool new icon!". They should be happy to have it on their home screen on their iPhones.

No stock icons please. And it should look great from 57x57 up to 512x512. PSD file with layers please.

Oh, and NO GLOSS. I like how my icon doesn't have gloss. So it stands out more in the app store.

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